Hey chedeng!

Monday greeted our country with news that Tropical Storm Chedeng, with international codename of Songda, has entered the Philippine area of responsibility and threatening Eastern Samar and most possibly Bicol.

Heavy rain and strong winds are expected. There’s none such yet in our town/province but everyone is already bracing against these. In fact, the constant coming of thunderstorms, low pressure areas or tropical depressions, tropical storms, typhoons and sometimes even super typhoons have become a way of life for us Bicolanos (especially Bacacayanos). We have already been traumatized a lot because of these natural weather “disasters”.

As such, whenever there’s news of a brewing storm/typhoon everybody is on heightened alert – even those who are not really in Bicol/Bacacay. And, that’s a good thing actually.


Discover & Explore Bacacay#11 – St. Rose of Lima and Church Interior

Photo/Video of the Week#6 – Bestfriends

Yesterday my childhood bestfriend (since grade 3) GDL and my guy BFF (since 1992, I think) RBB celebrated their birthdays. Coincidentally, they share the same birthdate – May 19. Wishing them all the good blessings in the world – they are two of my favorite persons on earth (and I really have a very short list of favorite people excluding my family).

Here’s a “very” old, cropped picture of me and GDL when we were in Grade 4. We attended a Regional Girl Scout Jubilee in Tiwi, Albay (yes, even before, we were already lakwatseras).

GDL and I met when I transferred to BECS from Manila. We were 9 years old then. Now, we’re just a year away from the silver anniversary of our friendship (do the math, haha!)! I can always say that GDL is that one true friend who always thinks I am a good egg, even if I am half-cracked!

Discover & Explore Bacacay#10 – Sula Channel

Sula Channel is a marine channel linking Albay Gulf to the Pacific Ocean. It is located near Bgy. Sula, Cagraray Island, thus its name. During Spanish times, the coves in the area were used to shelter galleons. Currently, these are still used as haven for ships during bad weather.

***Pictures taken by Lala using Panasonic Lumix ZR1 compact digital camera. Protected by Copyscape Web Copyright Checker

The one that got away

and love, i live my life waiting but not wanting
this very soul and breath is still yours for the taking
i will live life in knowing
i, too have loved so well
no song can remember, no poem can tell.

….or not

i just love the title. cannot figure out what to post, though. hehehe.

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