3 years

I realized just today that I have already survived 3 years of working home based. Ain’t that a feat?

The big question is – am I ready for new career moves now? Hmmmmmm. Think, think, think…

My take: Que sera, sera


Working at Home: The Pros and Cons

If you don’t know it yet,Β  I work from home, or in other words – telecommute, work at home, work home based – this piece of news about myself has generated a variety of reactions depending on one’s point of view:

From the harassed office worker: “Wow! You work at home? Ang saya naman! Gusto ko rin nyan!”

From the office worker who enjoys working in the office and commuting everyday to work: “Really? Hindi ka nahihirapan? Hindi ko yata kaya yan”

From someone who is looking for work: “Can you give me pointers on how I can find work like yours?”

From someone who is health conscious: “Ay nakatataba yan because all you do is sit at home all day”

From a curious adventurer: “Don’t you get bored just being at home all day?”

From some of my workmates who enjoys our set up: “I am contented with this kind of life. Ayaw ko na mag opisina”

From some of my workmates who does not enjoy it anymore: “I want to work in an office setting na ulit!”

As for me, I’m okay with working homebased. I don’t think I can go back to the vicious cycle of going/commuting to an office anymore. Just thinking of the traffic I have to face going to work and coming home from work makes my head ache. Of course, there are also several disadvantages in working at home. But for me, the pros far outweighs the cons – in my own situation.

Here’s an article I found from HomebasedWork.com that sums up the Pros and Cons of Working from Home:

Advantages of working from home:

Freedom and flexibility. You can structure your day to suit your personal needs, whether you want to spend time with the kids, you have a volunteer job, or you want to attend a class. You have control over when you do your work.

Tax benefits for home based businesses. Home based businesses are typically blessed with a number of business deductions that would otherwise not be available to you. Check with your local tax office to find out what business expenses you may claim.

Save money. Assuming you’re not meeting with customers all day long, you won’t have to buy expensive “work clothes” or use the dry cleaners as often. You also save money on telecommuting costs! No more driving to the office everyday.

Lower start-up costs for home based businesses. One huge savings is the fact that you won’t have to rent or lease office space! That alone will save you a great deal of money.

Disadvantages of home based work:

Possible conflict between your business and personal lives. Because you’re working at home where you have always spent time with your family, it may be difficult for both you and your family to adjust to the fact that you must work while you’re at home.

Lack of social contact. Some people dearly love the social interaction of the workplace. When you work from home, you are far more likely to feel cut off from the rest of the world.

Need for self-discipline. It can be difficult to motivate yourself when you’re working from home. There are household chores to be done, plenty of distractions (such as the television), and you can be alone for hours. Do you have the self-discipline required to get your work done despite all this?

Pressure. While working from home undoubtedly provides more flexibility, it can also provide a fair bit more stress. Because you work in the same place you live, you may feel obligated to get “a few chores” done while you’re working. You can very easily become swamped with responsibilities – some people simply end up trying to do too much.


Discover & Explore Bacacay#13 – Bacacay Town Port

photo credits: Mr. Rick Bermundo

Always, the Bacacay Municipal Port’s backdrop is the Mayon Volcano.

photo credits: Mr. Rick Bermundo

The Town Port is located in Brgy. 1 Poblacion or Telegrapo – following the path of Magsaysay Avenue.

Discover & Explore Bacacay#12 – Old Church Ruins

I love the vibrancy of this photo! I found it via the internets – taken by Glenn De Guzman and posted on Panoramio.com

The Old Church Ruins of Bacacay, Albay can be found in Barangay 2 – beside the present Parish Church. When we were kids, we amuse ourselves by going to this part of the church grounds and spook each other silly!Β  Later on, I learned to appreciate and value its historical significance for our town – the same way I appreciate Roca Baluarte (soon to be featured). I find that I love and appreciate ancient ruins and old, historical structures and it’s a delight that our town has such.

I’d very much like to have our pre-nup shots here!

Hey chedeng!

Monday greeted our country with news that Tropical Storm Chedeng, with international codename of Songda, has entered the Philippine area of responsibility and threatening Eastern Samar and most possibly Bicol.

Heavy rain and strong winds are expected. There’s none such yet in our town/province but everyone is already bracing against these. In fact, the constant coming of thunderstorms, low pressure areas or tropical depressions, tropical storms, typhoons and sometimes even super typhoons have become a way of life for us Bicolanos (especially Bacacayanos). We have already been traumatized a lot because of these natural weather “disasters”.

As such, whenever there’s news of a brewing storm/typhoon everybody is on heightened alert – even those who are not really in Bicol/Bacacay. And, that’s a good thing actually.

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