Starting again and the 365 days challenge.

i’ve been documenting my life, ever since I can remember.

i have been a “dear diary” writer in my high school years. i have always managed to document my everyday hectic life through jampacked planners or organizers ever since i stepped into college, to my first clerical job, all the way to the almost 4 years of voluntary work with a non-profit institution for workers rights and welfare.

when i started working for an online marketing company,  i got introduced to the internets, social networking sites and blogs. through blogging erratically since 2005, i’ve managed to maintain documenting my life. i’ve tried raving and ranting on my friendster blog, wrote about “food for thought” on my multiply blog, recaptured everything and nothing through blogspotting. raved and ranted here at (ravesrantsetc.)wordpress and even vainly shared my lovelife with kamahalan & i.

somehow, not for the lack of trying, all of these blogs failed to hold my attention and dedication for long, hence the operative term: erratic. and i feel that i can no longer strive to add any more posts on these blogs (only 2 are remaining for public view)

now, i still miss blogging and i feel that i have found what i really wanted to write about, aside from myself, that is, enough to create a truly worthy web pesence.

so here i am starting another blog, which would mainly focus on who i really, simply am:

– a woman from the town of Bacacay, province of Albay, the Maurag Country – Bicol Region who’d love to give you some of the best destinations in her hometown that feature local products, food, beach, adventure, culture, history, religion and natural wonders/ ecosystem, man made wonders

– loves her kamahalan to bits and will be getting married soon (this year, actually! – and in Bacacay, of course!) expect wedding thoughts and inspirations streaming in this blog from time to time!

– loves to write, read and travel!

oh, did i mention that i am challenging myself to a whole year of daily blogging? (heaven help me!) yep, you read it right. i am going to post here everyday until april 10, 2012, mainly because i want to practice my writing abilities even on days when i am not in the mood to do it. as moody as i am, i do not want to be able to write just because i am in the mood for it. i want to be in a creative, writing overdrive everyday!

thus, brace yourselves for daily craps…errrr posts!

Welcome to my new blogging home!


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